Patient Testimonials

Gail A

Being a nurse myself, I’d like to think I have an edge over the average person in choosing a good surgeon. Let me share with you what an excellent experience that I’ve had with Dr. Rana and his team. Everything was well explained in advance, all of my questions were answered, and other than some mild anxiety related to having come to the point that surgery was necessary, I felt confident being wheeled into the surgical suite the day of my surgery 4/3/23. My arthritis was severe, causing my leg to bow, and I had a lift in my shoe, because the arthritis had made this leg 1/2 inch shorter. I had a right knee replacement and bone spurs removed. I stayed in the surgical suite overnight, and was well cared for, it was so unlike the hospital experience with hustle and bustle, vital signs every hour, and at times finding it hard to get someone’s attention. The surgical suite was quiet and restful, the staff were pleasant and on point with their care. Dr. Rana checked in on me before discharge, made sure that I knew how to care for myself at home, gave me some words of encouragement, and I discharged. Prescriptions had been sent in and picked up by me in advance of surgery, so I knew my med regimen for home. Minimizing any possibility of infection is a goal of the team, and their protocol is admirable. At 8 weeks out now, I am well on my way to being able to return to work in the coming month and my usual life. I’ve had nothing but progress. I don’t have enough space to thank all of the wonderful staff here, but do want to mention Courtney Minzy PAC, who is very knowledgeable, and patient, and left a positive impression on me as the first person I had met to discuss this surgery. Just to emphasize how pleased I am with this amazing group of people, I asked about my OTHER knee, which may need surgery in about 5 more years. You can bet that I will be returning here!

Wendy J

A little over 2 years ago I couldn’t bend down to pick things up, put my socks on, tie my shoes or get easily into a car. I had double hip replacement surgery and that changed everything. Dr. Rana did a fantastic job and put my mind at ease about the whole procedure. Everyone in the office was great! I now have my mobility back and can do all of the things I couldn’t do before. The operation went smoothly and Dr. Rana was right there, checking to see that everything was going well.

Kathleen H

I don’t know where to start, I was nervous about the whole procedure until the first meeting with the staff. They were very knowledgeable and so nice. I have had both knees replaced 3 months apart and I can’t tell you how great I feel! The staff are very caring in the Scarborough office too!!! But Dr. Rana is just absolutely fabulous, he is so caring, very smart and he must know what he’s doing because I had wonderful results both times! If you have bad knees, don’t wait, give Dr. Rana a call I know he will help you!! Best Doctor Ever!!!!!!!

Ken M

What can i say , just really the best out there, all his staff from Terry, Courtney, Amelia and Dr Rana were just exceptional, true professionals, thank you for everything from first visit to surgery you guys are amazing.

James W

Fantastic experience before, during, and after! The whole team is incredible! Nuff said

Sally S

I never had to use either cane nor walker and I was driving in 5 days! Dr. Rana is amazing and the best ever in every respect you can ever imagine. If you need a new hip...Dr. Rana is your surgeon! Every time!

Elizabeth A

Dr. Rana and his team truly 'saved' me after my hip replacement failed in an unusual way. The cup and screw broke inside me. I was in horrible pain. Courtney and Dr. Rana got me in quickly and were the team who preformed a successful renovation. I will never forget their kindness and dedication to helping me. They are the BEST.

Maurice A

Going on year two with my second knee by Dr. Rana and his team. My results were so good that my wife had her second knee done with this exceptional team. I’m able to do activities at a level I didn’t think I would ever be able to again. Thank you for all you did. I recommend you to everyone looking for a knee replacement.

Mike Y

I would like to thank Dr.Rana and his crew, for making someone that had never spent a night in the hospital, or have had a IV, feel at ease. The whole experience has been as great as it could be. Everyone was extremely professional and kind. I was up walking on my new hip a half an hour after I woke up. As Dr.Rana promised no more pain in the hip at all. I had been living with a lot of pain for quite a while. Less than two weeks after surgery I was walking without a cane or anything kind of help. It has almost been three weeks and I'm getting around just fine. I have done everything that I was told to do. Hopefully I won't have too, but would use Dr Rana and his staff again.I do highly recommend him. Thank you guys again.

Michael P

I had a bad pre-op experience with another surgeon, Portsmouth, NH practice. A physician friend recommended Dr. Rana to me and after the first visit, my wife and I were convinced that he was the surgeon, for me. Dr. Rana and the entire staff associated with his practice; repeatedly demonstrated professionalism, competence, patience, and caring - rare to find all four in balance. The outcome has been outstanding (six weeks at this writing) and the quality of my life far exceeds life pre-surgery.

Dave V

I am four weeks removed from bilateral hip replacement and hiking two miles a day. The worst part of the entire experience was the time leading up to the surgery and the anticipation of a negative experience. The actual experience was far from negative. I was walking unassisted the afternoon of the surgery, went home the next day, and only needed the assistance of a walker the first time I stood up on the day of the surgery. I cannot say enough positive about Dr. Rana and his staff. He is a rock star!


Dr. Rana and his wonderful staff gave me a new, pain free life after two knee replacements. Because of many issues, including my weight and age, I was turned down by many other surgeons. Yes, I was younger than is usual to get knee replacement but did I need to lose more time in misery? I was becoming increasingly immobile and in relentless pain. Began thinking I might have to quit working because I could no longer climb stairs which was needed with my job. I was so discouraged and hopeless when I met Dr. Rana. He told me that he would work with me and that he could get me through the surgeries safely. I had hope again! He delivered on his promise and did way more than that!! His kindness throughout gave me the courage and support I needed. Now I have two fabulous new knees, and I am doing the work I love to do. Thank you is just not enough!!! Dr. Rana took a chance on me and I have encouraged many others who have been turned away from other surgeons to consult Dr. Rana.


I am writing to thank Dr Rana for the incredible work that he and the rest of his team as well as all MMC Personnel did while at Maine Med. I wanted to just THANK YOU personally Dr. Rana MD, Amelia Knowles PA, and Monica Butler RN. All people involved were so professional on the one level and so personable on the other that I felt that I could NOT have been in better hands ANYWHERE ON EARTH!

Richard C

It’s been just 14 days since my second hip replacement surgery by Dr. Rana. Had an exceptional experience when Dr. Rana replaced my first hip 12 months ago. This surgery was equal to if not better than the first. The whole experience from first doctor’s visit to post-op checkups couldn’t have been better. Dr. Rana has made himself available every step of the way. His support staff is second to none.

Caroline D

Dr. Rana performed a bi-lateral anterior hip replacement procedure (had both hips done on the same day) on December 23rd, 2016 and went home the morning of December 25th feeling like a million dollars--don't ask me why but there was very little pain caused by doing extensive carpentry on my two hips. Today, March 23rd is my 3 month anniversary and I am walking 6 miles a week with my dog (3 days @ 2 miles/day) and going to two yoga classes a week .Dr. Rana and his team were GREAT to work with!

Bernard F

Add me to the list of patients who is extremely satisfied with Dr. Rana. The entire experience was exceptional, from the initial visit to follow-up phone calls. Dr. Rana and his staff members were excellent in person and on the phone. When I called with questions, they were prompt and helpful with their responses. The actual surgery went extremely well, as did his follow-up care. I shall have my right hip done in the future and I am definitely going back to Dr. Rana and company.

Andy M

I'm a relatively young guy so convincing a surgeon to perform a total hip replacement was no small task. Thankfully, after checking in with Dr Rana over the course of a year we finally agreed it was time. I did my research. I wanted him and although I am less than a week post-op I couldn't be more pleased. He's a triple threat. He's smart as a whip, talented, and is a compassionate provider. You won't find a better choice. Was this helpful?


Dr. Rana and his staff are everything you could want as providers! I feel absolutely amazing after my hip replacement I was back on my feet after two weeks. I can get back to a normal active life thanks to him, I would recommend him to everyone!

Cornelia K

I am someone in my early 80's who was having increasing difficulty walking and standing. I finally decided to have both knees replaced. I was impressed with the timely way in which I was able to have an appointment with Dr. Rana as well as the the care and efficiency with which he worked. Instead of going to a rehab facility, Dr. R. recommended going right home with the help of family and care givers. A good decision. Throughout the recovery period Dr. R. showed remarkable attention and care.


Amazingly gifted Surgeon. Out of a possible 5 stars I give him 100. All the positive traits you wish for in a health care provider. The entire staff is wonderful.

Bonnie E

He was awesome. Next time a coworker falls on her butt and breaks his/her leg. I would insist they see him?? Very professional. Kind. Have'nt been to the office yet

He saved my hip! I had a traumatic injury to my femur and hip joint. He's calm, understanding, and doesn't overwhelm you with information. He genuinely cares about his patients. I'm so lucky to have had him as my surgeon.

Dr. Rana performed surgery to repair my broken leg. Everything went smoothly and the bone has healed correctly. Dr. Rana was communicative throughout the process and remembered me when I came back for follow up appointments.

Dr. Rana is but far-right the best Orthopeadic surgeon I have had. Thorough, kind, funny, top of his field.

From the first visit to the office to the last, the staff was phenomenal! They made me feel like I really mattered and that they could help me! I had my hip surgery on a Friday and went home on Saturday morning. The relief from my years of pain was remarkable. Dr. Rana is an amazing physician and has the best staff. Stephanie was always on the other end of the phone for me. Thanks to each one of you for all the care and comfort you brought to me. I am once again able to enjoy all those things I love since I am now pain free.

He's very friendly and concerned about is patient and take the time to talk and explain the procedure

This is an incredibly compassionate, skilled and personable doctor. You could not be in better hands!

He replaced my knee after a horrific auto accident. I had many surgeries because of my injuries but he knew I was nervous and calmed my nerves and did an awesome job!

I had hip replacement surgery with Dr Rana following a hip fracture. He and his office staff, Amelia and Monica, were excellent. The care I received from surgery to the office visits and therapy was top rate. Everyone in the hospital and office were compassionate and professional throughout the entire experience.

I am writing to thank Dr Rana for the incredible work that he and the rest of his team as well as all MMC Personnel did while at Maine Med. I wanted to just THANK YOU personally Dr. Rana MD, Amelia Knowles PA, and Monica Butler RN. All people involved were so professional on the one level and so personable on the other that I felt that I could NOT have been in better hands ANYWHERE ON EARTH! As a Current Chief Engineer and former Captain and Mate on various fishing vessels of differing sizes on the waters surrounding the United States I have worked with many "Teams" in various difficult conditions and circumstances and I can safely say that all of you rate above or equal to any that I have ever seen, heard of or served with. I've always felt that there was a certain "SOMETHING" above knowledge and skill that some people possess and when you have a TEAM of people with this rare quality working together then anything is possible! Well all parties here do have knowledge and skill but also that SOMETHING SPECIAL and I got so very lucky to have had you all on my side for this ordeal!

David L

Dr rana is an excellent surgeon. I am 47 and born with spina bifida. I've always had a 2 inch leg length discrepancy. My left hip degenerated and Dr rana replaced the hip Dec 15. While fixing my hip he went the extra mile and somehow evened out my legs as well. I will not only regain my quality of life but will also be able to have function that I have never even hoped for in my life. I cannot say enough about him as a doctor and a person. He is in my opinion the best. I would go to him for any surgeries needed.

Jeannine D

Excellent surgeon ! Great bed aid e manner. Very professional. I'm ready to get my left one done, No fear

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