Patient Informational Handouts

Minimally Invasive Anterolateral Hip Replacement-Physical Therapy Postoperative Protocol


  • There are no hip precautions after surgery.
  • Walker is used for ambulation for the first week.
  • You can start using a cane the second week and you should use it for at least one week. You can come off the cane when you can walk without the cane and without a limp.
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Pain Control

We will actually start a pain management regimen the night before surgery in order to get the pain medications in your system in preparation for your operation.

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Preventing Infection

  • Hibacleanse soap is an antibacterial wash used the night before surgery and the morning of surgery to reduce bacterial burden on the skin in order to reduce the incidence of postoperative wound infection.
  • The OR’s used by the orthopedic surgeons at MMC are orthopedic dedicated rooms, which mean the general population of the hospital is not sharing these facilities.
  • Laminar flow system of air flow in the operating room reduces contamination.
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Post-operative Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Dental and Medical Procedures

Now that you have had a total joint replacement, certain precautions must be taken to reduce the chance of infection developing in the bone or around the implant. These precautions should be followed for 2 years after your joint replacement unless your surgeon tells you that you have a risk factor that makes infection more likely for you (such as immune compromise).

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Joint Replacement Education Guide

Before Surgery

You will have two appointments before your surgery to make sure you are healthy and ready. See your dentist within six months of your surgery. Healthy teeth and gums will help protect you against infection in your new joint. You will be asked to not have dental work for three months after your surgery. Keeping your diabetes under control is important. Talk to your primary care doctor if you need help or have concerns.

Stay as active as possible and eat healthy.

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