Exercise and Bone Health: bones need a workout!

Exercise and Bone Health: bones need a workout!

Resource: Maine Senior Guide

Exercise and Bone Health. Oftentimes, my patients ask me the question: How does exercise improve my overall bone health? Frequently, they are familiar with the benefits of exercise, in terms of reducing the risk for heart disease and stroke, and preventing obesity. However, not as well understood is the importance of exercise and bone health, using regular physical activity in building and maintaining healthy bones.

As we age our bones become weaker and more fragile, a condition called osteoporosis. It occurs more often in women after menopause, but also affects men in older age. This bone-thinning disease puts people at a greater risk for broken bones, which can seriously limit mobility and independence. This is especially true in Maine which ranks first in the United States with an oldest mean age of the population. I see the end result of osteoporosis combined with falls resulting in broken bones first hand when I take orthopedic trauma call at Maine Medical Center.

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